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Our Vision

Our vision illuminates the path forward and imbues our actions with purpose.

Our vision is to create happy, healthy and resilient young people who are lifelong and respectful learners. We bring this vision to life by integrating our College values with all aspects of the school experience.

The College values form the foundation of behaviour that underpins our expectations of each other at Mornington Secondary College.

Our Values Integrated


We are a welcoming community respectful of each other’s beliefs and views, as well as those in our broader community. This value is cultivated through the celebration of diversity and practice of acceptance.


Our strong community is the foundation upon which we build well-rounded individuals. A supportive community helps foster belonging, demonstrates the power of working together and prepares young people for life beyond school.


We encourage our students to achieve excellence in all areas of school life. We invite students to explore and strive towards their own highest potential and personal excellence.