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Middle School (Years 7 – 9)

A world of possibilities awaits.

The focus throughout middle school is the development of the student as an individual, with core subjects designed to inspire and challenge. A wide range of electives are also offered, which allow students to pursue areas of interest.

By making personal decisions about their subject choices, students are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their education.

Key Learning Areas

  • English

    The study of English is central to the way in which students understand and appreciate their world. We encourage students to develop and exercise imaginative, creative and critical thinking and clear communication through an English curriculum that is both challenging and interesting. Our English curriculum involves print, non-print and multi-modal texts for the modern world.

  • Mathematics

    As the study of the relationship between mathematical objects and general phenomena, Mathematics establishes the problem-solving abilities needed to navigate and function in work and life. Our Mathematics curriculum helps students understand the background and role of Mathematics in society and opens up myriad career pathways, including in Engineering, Computing, Finance and Medicine.

  • Science

    The word ‘Science’ comes from the Latin ‘scientia’, meaning knowledge. We are living in a time when scientific discovery is growing rapidly, and science subjects help students explain and investigate how they move through the world. Middle School science continues to establish the fundamental sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) and provides the option for elective science subjects.

  • Technology

    The Technology curriculum involves studies in Product Design using mediums such as fabric, wood, acrylic and electronics. Year 7 students focus on fabric and wood as their dominant mediums, while students in higher year levels can choose from more specific electives such as Garment Construction and Architecture.

  • Performing Arts

    The Performing Arts allow students to express themselves, bolster their self esteem and foster important social connections. Our exciting Performing Arts program includes music, drama and dance. Each year we hold a college production, where students can learn about choreography, set design and dance.

    We offer a specialised instrumental program that includes singing, percussion, brass and wind.

  • Visual Arts

    Art encourages students to explore their creativity and express their own unique ideas. The Visual Arts program invites students to hone their artistic skills and engage with the history and significance of artistic movements. In Year 9, students can elect to study a range of Visual Art subjects, including: Visual Communication, Photography, Studio Art, General Art and Media Studies.

  • Physical Education & Health

    The Physical Education programs are designed to give students a physical awareness of their bodies and equip them with the knowledge and skills to become healthy and active. Students are encouraged to participate in a range of sporting experiences such as athletics, aquatics, gymnastics, racket and team sports.

  • Languages

    Students study Japanese in year 7 and 8 and have the option to continue through to year 12. Students experience a wide range of activities and online resources makes learning a language challenging and enjoyable. Growing numbers of students are studying languages in Years 9-12, reflecting the success of our language program. The College also runs cultural tours of Japan biannually.

In Year 9, students can choose their electives. For more information, read our handbook.

Transition to High School Program

To ensure a smooth transition to secondary school, we focus on building positive relationships, goal setting and providing opportunities for students to meet others in a welcoming environment as part of a positive learning culture. Year 7 is the start of the secondary school journey and we are committed to promoting academic excellence, personal growth and connectedness to peers within their new College community.

Adopt a DreamCatcher

As part of the DreamCatcher program, Year 7 students can “adopt” a high-achieving Year 12 DreamCatcher as their mentor. These pairings build unique relationships and help the younger students develop academically while fostering leadership attributes in the older students.

GoldStar Academic Badge

Students who demonstrate the College values of Respect, Community and Achievement, show a positive attitude toward study and college citizenship and achieve academic excellence will be awarded a GoldStar Academic Badge. Students must achieve GoldStars from Years 7 to 11 to be selected for the Year 12 DreamCatchers program.

All Captains Council

The All Captains Council is a student-led initiative, chaired by our College Captains. Membership is comprised of student leaders from across the college, including Arts, House, Sports and Year-Level Captains. Captains work on whole school initiatives such as the annual charity fundraiser and market days, as well as year-level specific events.

Hands on Learning

The Hands on Learning (HoL) program allows students to participate one day per week in various practical projects, both within the school and in the local community. The HoL group will consist of two staff members and up to 10 students from different year levels. As well as completing practical projects, they will also regularly prepare and share meals together as a group. The program is designed to provide an alternative to the classroom structure and traditional learning style, where new skills can be learned by doing and experiencing.