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Learning by Design

Providing students with opportunities to engage in areas of special interest.

The Learning by Design curriculum was created to foster a deeper connection between students and the learning areas they are passionate about. Students have opportunities to engage in learning activities that generate enthusiasm and connectedness – allowing them to share interests in class and use their interests to provide activities for the cohort.

Students are asked to identify their core areas of interest as they transition into Year 7. When beginning at the College, they are matched with other students and a teacher who shares their area of interest.


Design exposes students to higher level art practices that incorporate contemporary art ideas. Features include installations and using new technologies to create fascinating artworks, 3D printing, airbrushing and college installations such as stencil art and group murals. Students also complete an inquiry-based learning project centred on their area of interest, which is then presented to the community in the MSC gallery space.


Excel is a program for students who relish the challenge of thinking beyond the content and expanding their knowledge. Inquiry activities, discussions of world events and thought-provoking conversations create curiosity and interest beyond the set curriculum. This program is ideal for students who enjoy deep and inquisitive thinking.

Sports Leadership

Students have the opportunity to develop and lead sports activities in their class, across the year level and at our “feeder” primary schools. Activities include school fun runs, basketball competitions, tabloid sports, fast fives, 3X3 basketball and swimming competitions. As part of this program, we encourage students to get involved in organising, leading and encouraging participation in sports events.


Innovation is for students who are driven by the desire to do things differently and explore new technologies. Through the research and design process, students generate ideas that help to creatively address the problems of the modern world. Students who participate in Innovation enjoy thinking outside the box, designing, planning and creating something new.


If you love to perform, Glee is for you. Glee is all about singing and enjoying opportunities to develop and demonstrate your talents in front of an audience. Through this process, students cultivate self-esteem, confidence and the ability to express themselves. Participation in Glee also helps build teamwork, a sense of belonging and community between like-minded students.


Nature encourages caring for our planet and cultivates an interest in sustainability. Students are also taught about local habitats and fosters a special interest in the natural world. This is popular among students who enjoy Geography, working alongside others and actively making a positive impact on the environment around them.