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Extra Curricular

An opportunity to deepen and broaden the educational experience.

Successful learning occurs when students are motivated, engaged and connected to their college, their community and their education.

Mornington Secondary College aims to ensure that each and every student has the opportunity to participate in a
wide choice of extra and co-curricular activities.

Camps / Outdoor Education

Our camps and outdoor education programs help develop team building, nature connection and survival skills, as well as self-confidence and a sense of personal challenge.

Art Club

Students can further build and hone their visual art skills while also deepening their self-expression and connecting with like-minded students through a dedicated Art Club.

Instrumental Music

Our College offers a comprehensive instrumental music program that maximises students’ musical abilities and provides opportunities for the development of performance skills, self-esteem and social skills. We offer individual and small group lessons.

Student Excellence and Enrichment

Our inspiring Victorian High Ability Programs (VHAP) are designed to advance students towards their full potential. You can find further information about the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series here.

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Future Problem Solving Program

FPS is a research-based, academic program that teaches problem solving strategies, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and effective communication. This interdisciplinary approach helps develop ethical leadership skills and essential life skills for the 21st Century.

Model UN

Based on the United Nations General Assembly, Model UN is a forum in which students can engage with and debate current global issues such as climate change and gender equality.

Ethics Olympiad

An Ethics Olympiad is an event where students from various schools gather to contemplate and discuss modern ethical issues. The event encourages students to think critically, engage with ethics and embrace diversity.

Creative Challenge Project

During the year students can participate in various creative problem solving challenges including developing projects for using a Raspberry Pi and working in teams to develop App making skills.

Student Leadership

We operate an engaging Student Leadership program that allows students the opportunity to contribute to many aspects of the College, including public speaking, chairing meetings, and forums, organising events and fundraising.

Our aim is to develop highly confident and capable leaders of the future.