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Course Selection

The subjects on offer at Mornington Secondary College and the course selection process.

We pride ourselves on the depth and breadth of learning available to our students – from Science and Technology to Performing Arts and LOTE (Languages Other Than English).

Our curriculum is designed to provide young people with a rounded, global education.

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Course Selection Information for Year 9

Course Selection Information for Years 10-12

How to select a course

These videos explain how to use the online system to select a course. Please note that there are different videos for different year levels. 

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Year 11 into 12 VCAL

Subject Overviews

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The study of English is central to the way in which students understand and appreciate their world. We encourage students to develop and exercise imaginative, creative and critical thinking and clear communication through an English curriculum that is both challenging and interesting. Our English curriculum involves print, non-print and multi-modal texts for the modern world.


As the study of the relationship between mathematical objects and general phenomena, Mathematics establishes the problem-solving abilities needed to navigate and function in work and life. Our Mathematics curriculum helps students understand the background and role of Mathematics in society and opens up myriad career pathways, including in Engineering, Computing, Finance and Medicine.


The word ‘Science’ comes from the Latin ‘scientia’, meaning knowledge. We are living in a time when scientific discovery is growing rapidly, and science subjects helps students explain and investigate how they move through the world. From Year 10 onwards, students deepen their scientific knowledge through various semester-based specialised fields, including Forensic Science and Marine Science.


Humanities provides the context that develops students as global citizens and enables critical thinking. It encompasses history, geography, economics and politics and helps prepare students for paths such as journalism, law, accountancy and teaching. We explore everything from ancient civilisations, indigenous studies, industrialisation and world wars to environmental change, civil rights and the Australian political and judicial system.


Learning another language opens up the possibility to gain a deeper understanding of both another culture and one’s own. Taught by highly qualified speakers, Languages Other Than English offers students the chance to expand their mind by learning Japanese or Indonesian. It also provides opportunities to travel to Japan or Indonesia on one of our bi-annual cultural tours.


As part of the Arts curriculum students are exposed to a wide variety of creative pursuits, such as traditional, digital and performing arts. They will learn to create art using many different mediums including traditional 2D and 3D materials, digital processes and theatrical works. In senior levels, art programs serve to instruct students in self-directed art making, allowing them to extend and personalise their creative processes.


The Technology curriculum involves studies in Product Design using mediums such as fabric, wood, acrylic and electronics. Year 7 students focus on fabric and wood as their dominant mediums, while students in higher year levels can choose from more specific electives such as Garment Construction and Architecture. Students also participate in Information Technology daily while learning at Mornington Secondary College.

Food Technology

Food Technology prepares students with essential life skills as well as for a potential career in the hospitality or health industries. Students are introduced to Food Technology in Year 8, and in Years 9 and 10 can delve into electives centred on healthy eating, creating menus, learning about food from other cultures or modern dining trends.

Health and Physical Education

Our Physical Education programs are designed to give students a physical awareness of their bodies and equip them with the knowledge and skills to become healthy, active humans. Students are encouraged to participate in a range of sporting experiences using the College’s facilities, including athletics, aquatics, gymnastics, racket sports and team sports. Health and wellbeing programs are designed to provide students with the skills to lead a healthy lifestyle across their physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual health.

Advanced Mathematics & English

Designed to cater for students who qualify in the top 10% or above in their year level. To gain entry into either Advanced English or Mathematics students must express their interest in the subject via Edval Online. Suitable applicants will be assessed using set selection criteria, including demonstrated advanced testing results, achievement of 80% or above on assessed tasks, excellent organisational skills and a high attendance rate.


Our VCAL program aims to offer students a pathway that supports both their educational interests and needs, while giving them the opportunity to gain skills in a chosen vocational pathway through a structured workplace learning program. VCAL is well-suited to students who do not require an ATAR when leaving school, and who love to learn through practical, hands-on activities.

Headstart Program

School-based Apprenticeships & Traineeships

The HEADSTART program is an opportunity for students to stay at school while undertaking Certificate III courses in their chosen industry alongside paid employment as an apprentice or trainee.

HEADSTART helps students get the best start in their career with a focus not only on skill development, but also on ensuring the trainees and apprentices spend significant time in the workplace.

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Laptop Program

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