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Year 8 City Excursion

15th June 2023

Last Updated: 30th May 2024

In Humanities class we have been learning about changing nations and looking at the impact of a growing population on cities. On Wednesday 30th August all the Year 8’s visited the city. In our class before this we looked at what Melbourne looked like in the 1900’s and compared that to what Melbourne looks like now. After separating into three different  groups we boarded the buses and headed to The District Docklands. From there we visited a range of places from Southbank to Flinders Street Station, Bourke Street Mall and the areas that make up our CBD. We got to buy some food and do some shopping in the city.  To finish off our day we all walked to the sporting precinct and were lucky enough to go into Kia Arena and set off some tennis chants. Teachers took photos of the buildings and places for students to use for their photo essays which have been started in class.  The purpose of the excursion was to look at how much the city has changed over time and predict how it will change in the future should it become a Megacity.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: When we got to see and learn about all the different places and the history behind each and every important building. 

Lola and Emily 8B