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Year 12 History Excursion

23rd February 2024

Last Updated: 4th March 2023

On Tuesday 21st of March, the Year 12 History (Revolutions) class, accompanied by their teacher Rasita Ramsaran and Coordinator Victoria Milner, took a trip to the National Gallery of Victoria to strengthen their knowledge of the French Revolution, our Unit 3 area of study. Our day began with a scenic walk from Flinders St Station to the NGV. Our students exuded school pride as they confidently strolled the streets of Melbourne’s CBD wearing their Year 12 jackets.

We were met by an education guide for our scheduled program called ‘Bonjour France’ where students were invited into several galleries exhibiting art dating back to the late Middle Ages to the 18th Century. Students were introduced to art concepts of impressionism and surrealism and educated on the origins of these concepts and its emergence in the mid to late 19th Century France. Our students were initially shy to engage in discussion, but once they saw the 18th Century French art, their confidence emerged as hands were raised to answer questions and readily flaunt their knowledge of this period. 

Thereafter, our impeccably behaved Year 12 History cohort explored the three-level galleries independently, using this time to appreciate historical art in its raw form and selecting a piece of 18th century artwork ready to share in class the following day. 

Thoroughly exhausted from our gallery tour, students were dismissed for a leisurely lunch where some dined on dumplings and honey chicken while others opted for more familiar cuisines, such as McDonald’s. 

Following lunch, we explored the State Library, soaking in the scholarly ambience that culminated from tertiary level students who were engrossed in their studies. Despite running short of time, our knowledge-thirsty students were in awe of the State Library and expressed keenness for a second trip. 

Overall, the day concluded without any complications or emergencies. We returned to Frankston Station in time for students to catch a bus or to be picked up. Victoria Milner and Rasita Ramsaran are proud to endorse our Year 12 History cohort’s impeccable behaviour, immaculate uniform, and their eagerness to learn more about 18th Century French art.