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Year 11 Formal

15th June 2023

Last Updated: 30th May 2024

The Year 11 Formal was a huge success! Every student who paid attended in glorious splendour! I honestly thought I needed bandaids as everyone looked so sharp! The DJ played great music, and our students did indeed show off their terpsichorean skills – what was lovely was how they all sang along as well. The year level student captains, Bridie, Molly and Ethan did a wonderful job hosting the event. There were many awards given for both students and teachers. These are a sample of awards given:

  • Student most likely to move overseas: Ben Reynolds
  • Student most likely to be a millionaire: Ben Schmitt
  • Student most likely to start a charity: Raffi Schneider

Teachers, too, were not left out

  • Ms Dana Lamb won most loved teacher
  • And the Coordinators too were not left out either with Mr Williams winning teacher most likely to win a rap battle and Dr Keough winning teacher most likely to be famous

The Formal King was Dimitris Kaponis and the Formal Queen was Amira Lees. They both looked resplendent in their crown and tiara respectively.

The Year 11 Coordination Team are very proud of our year level. They behaved impeccably with no misdeeds, mishaps or misdemeanours.