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Year 10 Otway Camp

15th June 2023

Last Updated: 30th May 2024

Year 10 (5B) Outdoor Education group took on the first three days of the 100km Great Victorian Road Hike starting at Apollo Bay and ending at Cape Otway lighthouse. Due to strong winds on day one, the group used their training to rearrange the hike using Apollo Bay as base camp for night one.  Over three days the students hiked over 35km with heavy packs which ensured they were self-sufficient, carrying everything from tent, food, water, clothing and a Trangia’s to cook with.  All the students used their training to ensure they ‘left no trace’ taking everything with them and even picking up rubbish left behind by others.  

It was an amazing camp due to the excellent attitudes of every student who showed great resilience, team work and a love for nature.  The camp was made even more enjoyable due to the great laughs we had over camp games such as Uno, Mafia, handstand competitions, talent shows and alphabet games just to name a few. I am sure life long memories and friendships were formed. A big shout out to all the parents who ensured their sons/daughters were well organised and also hung around for the extra 15 minutes of pack up.