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Students lead the way.

15th June 2023

Last Updated: 23rd February 2024

On Wednesday this week Dr Jasmine Keogh and myself met with the student leaders from each year level. This was the first meeting of our student led anti-racism working group. The first task for the team was to look at all of the feedback from the student forums and to come up with key themes and actions recommended by the students. As a staff group we have been working with the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) and as part of that work we have identified a number of key activities that we could run with students. The leaders have been given a copy of these lessons and we have asked the students for feedback on them for our next meeting.  As a group we are keen to expand so if your child would like to participate in shaping the direction we take in this space then please get them to contact Dr Keogh or Mr Parker.  (Click the Student Voice area)