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Strive to be the best

15th June 2023

Last Updated: 23rd February 2024

This week 198 students will receive a STRIVE badge. The STRIVE award is based on the 2 sets of progress checks conducted by teachers in Term 1 and 2. Students are rated out of 4 on being “Prepared and on time”, a “Positive participant in class”, “Working to improve” and “Completing and submitting tasks on time”.  All these things are achievable by all students and we will be shortly asking students to reflect on their current levels and setting goals to improve.

The STRIVE badge is given to student who receive an average of 3.75 and above over Term 1 and 2. Badges will be distributed to students next week. I encourage all students to put their best foot forward and give each class maximum effort. There’s a badge in it for you!