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State Cross Country

15th June 2023

Last Updated: 15th April 2024

Today I had the good fortune of continuing the great work Alex Mackenzie has done with our cross-country students, taking eight of our students to the Yarra Valley Racecourse to run at the State Cross-Country Championships. All students represented MSC outstandingly and recorded some great results. 

  • Our 16 y/o Boys’ team ( Andrew Turver, Jackson Linskill & Cian Andrews) took out 1st place, winning the state team event!
  • Our 12-13 y/o Boys’ team (Ethan Sheen, Rafa Merchan, Bailey Barrett & Jackson Ablett) placed 3rd overall. 

Individual results were as follows:

16 y/o Boys’:

Andrew Turver (5th place)

Cian Andrews (51st place)

Jackson Linskill (23rd place)

12/13 y/o Boys:

Ethan Sheen (3rd place)

Rafael Merchan (49th place)

Jackson Ablett (60th place)

Bailey Barrett (87th place)

14 y/o Boys’:

Baylin Wilcox (17th place)