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New School Dress

30th May 2024

Last Updated: 30th May 2024

For some time Mornington Secondary College has been in consultation with our uniform supplier PSW to discuss changing the school dress. Last year, we were provided with samples and consultation took place with the All Captains Council and students from each year levels. School Council members and all staff were also consulted. The final design was a mixture of samples and a dress was developed using all of our suggestions. Last Tuesday, our principal Linda Stanton presented the dress at school council and at a staff meeting. All Captains Council have also viewed the dress. We are pleased to inform our community of the overwhelming support for the introduction of the new dress.

The dress will be on sale at PSW early November to December ready for our new Year 7 students commencing 2024. The change will be gradual, as each new year begins, the old dress will be phased out and the new one in. If students in other year levels wish to purchase a new dress for the 2024 new year, they are more than welcome.