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MSC Sporting Excellence

23rd February 2024

Last Updated: 4th March 2023

A huge congratulations to Alyssa Molyneaux of Year 7 who has made some outstanding achievements in the sport of Rock Climbing. Alyssa been invited to join the Victorian Climbing Team as a result of her achievements and rankings.

Alyssa is currently ranked number 1 in Victoria in Bouldering in Youth C 

Alyssa is also currently ranked number 2 in Victoria in Lead Climbing in Youth C 

Due to Alyssa’s current ranks, she has received an invitation to represent Victorian at the Australian Youth Championships in May, 2023. The 2023 Youth Nationals are at SICG Villawood (NSW) 

The disciplines guides are as follows:

BOULDERING –  Power and technique for an explosive performance of a maximum of 10 movements. Spectacular and intense gestures, maximum height 4.5 meters and a fall back on mattresses.

LEAD CLIMBING –  Height, endurance and strategy. Athletes climb rope-tied, one at a time, on a overhanging route with a 6-minute time limit. The one who gets the highest wins. Typically 20mtr High walls

What an outstanding achievement Alyssa! All the best with your training with the Olympic team and the Australian Youth Championships coming up in May.