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Mornington Secondary College 2023 Charity Speak & Share

15th April 2024

Last Updated: 15th April 2024

“Speak & Share’s founding directors are three best mates who have shared the loudest of laughs and have lent each other a shoulder through the hardest of times. Like a lot of us, we too have experienced the pain of losing a best mate to suicide, a family member to a workplace accident, and enduring the separation of our parents. With each others support, we have been able to stand tall through these hard times”. 


Speak & Share’s mission is to influence community culture and educate on mental health strategies so that family, friends and the community should never again see any one in Australia suffer from the devastating impacts of mental health.

Mornington Secondary College is proud to work this year with Speak & Share to educate our staff and students whilst raising much needed donations for a great cause.