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Japanese – Sumo Wrestling

15th June 2023

Last Updated: 23rd February 2024

What do you know about Sumo?

In Year 10 Japanese at the end of Semester 1, we started work on our current Topic: Traditional and Modern Sport in Japan.

As an end of Semester treat, the Y10 Japanese students had the opportunity to learn about the world of Sumo, with a particular focus on the pre-bout rituals that each wrestler りきし (rikishi) must carry out prior to commencing the bout.

Due to rain, we were confined to the classroom – but this did not stop us!

We moved the furniture to the sides and marked out the Sumo Ring どうひょう (douhyou) in chalk on the carpet.

Students then had an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the pre-bout rituals donning Sumo Suits.

The rest of us were active on the sidelines ensuring that all steps were completed in full:

  1. Throw salt into the ring (to purify the ring)
  2. Clap hands and raise arms (to show that you are weapon free)
  3. Squat down, and stomp feet (to scare off evil spirits)
  4. Place both fists down on the ground (to signify that you’re ready to start the bout)

Enjoy the pictures below. I hope you now know a little more about Sumo!