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Japanese Student Teacher

15th June 2023

Last Updated: 30th May 2024

The Japanese Department at Mornington Secondary College has been lucky to host a student teacher from Japan this term.

Juri Kikuchi attends International Christian University in Tokyo, and recently completed a three week teaching placement at Mornington Secondary College. 

Kikuchi Sensei attended many classes at our school to meet with our students, and then focused on teaching our Japanese classes in Year 9 and VCE. 

As part of her teaching practice, Kikuchi Sensei taught our students about Japanese language and culture. She offered traditional calligraphy classes to our Year 8 Connect classes, and attended an excursion to the International Film Festival and a Japanese Restaurant in Melbourne. 

Outside of school hours, Kikuchi Sensei enjoyed shopping and sightseeing, as well as reuniting with her Australian friends from her previous visit to our country. 

She was also  a guest on the “Breakfast with Rachel & Brodie” radio show on RPPFM Radio, where she happily participated in an interview in English. 

During her stay with us, Juri Kikuchi’s University Professor visited Mornington Secondary College. Professor Handa from the International Catholic University of Tokyo, along with Kylie Farmer from Monash University observed Kikuchi Sensei teaching a lesson to our Year 9 Japanese class. 

They had been working hard to learn grammar and vocabulary related to shopping, and Kikuchi Sensei provided a fun lesson where students demonstrated their understanding and progress in a shopping role-play activity. Students had to take turns at being a shopkeeper and a customer to show what they had learnt. 

We are proud to say that Kikuchi Sensei passed her assessment with flying colours. 

It has been a pleasure to host Juri Kikuchi during her teaching placement, and we would like to thank Teena Borshoft for making her welcome in her home during this time.