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Exhibition Review: MPRG’s Current Showcase

15th June 2023

Last Updated: 7th October 2023

We had a wonderful time at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery on June 7th. MPRG hosts a wide variety of contemporary artworks  from both local and international artists, making it an entertaining and thought-provoking gallery.

MPRG is currently exhibiting Artists; Michael Cook, Vera Möller and Blak Designs. The exhibition was divided into individual rooms for each artist.

When we entered the first room we were struck by the bright white walls and 5 giant photographs by Michael Cook.  Each artwork was carefully curated, and the gallery’s layout allowed visitors to explore each piece at their own pace. 

 The Main large gallery space displayed, a big collection of Vera Möller’s works, Titled; ‘Sea. Liquid. Sensation. Flux. Space’, it is an intriguing and awe-inspiring study. 

Moller previously studied Microbiology and Limnology (freshwater ecology), her love of under the sea led her to depict her passion through art making. Moller’s work references the ocean and it’s beauty whilst also making people aware of the ongoing things that affect the marine life of Port Phillip Bay, Western Port Bay and the Bass Strait Coast. 

As visitors we felt immersed in the dark space and it gave us a sense of being underwater.

Many of her sculptural works show the effects of coral bleaching by using minimal colour. 

Her artworks consisted of a range of different art forms including drawing, collage, watercolours, paintings and sculptural works. 

As we were leaving the gallery we were very fortunate to meet Vera Möller herself. She led us back into the gallery and took the time to explain the materials and processes she used to create one of her art pieces. She answered any questions we had and her enthusiasm for art and her willingness to share with us made the experience of visiting the gallery even more memorable.  

Overall, we had a wonderful time at our local Regional Art Gallery. We are so fortunate to have such a gallery right on our doorstep which exhibits incredible local artists’ work along with international artists of the past and present. We highly recommend visiting the MPRG to experience the creative energy and talent on display.