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Doctors in School

18th July 2024

Meet the Doctors in Schools staff

Nurse Fiona has been a nurse for many years and specialises in mental health. Fiona is a mum to three teenage children.

Fiona works for the Doctors in Schools Program at three other school and works at Mornington Secondary College with Dr Steph every Thursday.

Fiona will look after students prior to seeing Dr Steph and complete a registration form if it is your first time at the clinic. 

Dr Steph has been the doctor at Mornington Secondary College since 2018. Doctor Steph has four grown up children, a cat called Derek and a rabbit called Bunns (who is a bit of an escape artist).

The Doctors in Schools service covers all areas of medical practice that your community GP would, such as physical, mental or sexual health, blood tests, referral for x-rays. Other investigations and letters to specialists can be also be organised. Normal GP rules of complete confidentiality are assured, and the service is totally free.

Our Facilities

Mornington Secondary College have dedicated facilities for our Doctors in Schools program, with a GP room, a nurses room and a comfortable warm waiting room. This area was purposely built for this service. 

The Doctors in Schools Program

The Doctors in Schools program is a Government initiative that funds general practitioners (GPs) to attend up to 100 Victorian government secondary schools up to one day a week. 

The objectives of the program are to:

  • make primary health care more accessible to students.
  • assist young people to identify and address any health problems early.
  • reduce the pressure on working parents.

Headspace Frankston provides the nurse and GP to Mornington Secondary College. An appointment can be booked three ways:

  1. Email
  2. Students can send a Teams message to DoctorsInSchools
  3. Ask for an appointment at Student Services (Shellie)

For further information please email: