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Bridging the Gap at Mornington Library

23rd February 2024

Last Updated: 6th June 2023

Our Vocational Major students have been taking part in a program run by Mornington Library called Bridging the Gap. This program is designed to have secondary school students help senior citizens learn how to use a variety of different pieces of technology, i.e. mobile phones, iPads, smart watches, emails, printing, skype and the list goes on. The students have had the chance to develop their social, communication and problem solving skills a well as making friends for life.

We are very proud to announce that we have helped 215 seniors with their tech problems at Mornington Library. The seniors all kindly completed a survey so we could try and improve our service and we are proud to announce that 98% of our customers gave us five stars. The students are polite, respectful, always willing to listen and help in whatever way they can. They know the seniors by name and have learned lots about their lives. On occasions, we were blessed to meet a horse rider who starred in “The Man from Snowy River,” and another of our customers actually owns the library and taught us all about the history of the building.

After 10 sessions, students are awarded a certificate which shows that they have volunteered in the community but also through the Youngster program they now have access to many free courses and can get paid work with Youngster.

We would like to congratulate the Vocational Major class as they have represented our school’s values. They identified a niche in the community and went above and beyond to meet the needs of our seniors in the community.