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Answers to our most frequently asked questions.


  • How do I enrol my child at Mornington Secondary College?

    For everything you need to know about new enrolments at Mornington Secondary College visit our  Enrolment Information page. To apply to enrol, please complete the Enrolment Application Form 

School Photos

  • When are student photos taken?

    Student photos are normally taken within the first few weeks of Term 1. Our photos are currently taken by Arthur Reed Photos.   

  • How do I order photos?

    Parents can register to be notified when photos are available online, and then families can place orders.  Please click here for photo Ordering Instructions. Orders placed will be sent in the post to the address provided.  

  • Where can I find my student’s individual image code?

    Students are given their individual image code after photo day in Connect group. 

  • What if my student did not get an image code?

    Please contact the school photographer to request individual image code – Arthur Reed Photos, PH: (03) 5243 4390. 

School Transitions

  • My student would like to leave school to commence TAFE, employment or an apprenticeship. What process should we follow?

    The first step is to discuss your situation with your year level coordinator. Specific referral from the Pathways Coordinator may also be required. Supporting documentation will need to be completed — for example, an exemption from school application and a letter of offer. Applications can take two to five weeks to process. The expectation is that the student will attend school until the exemption has been granted. 

  • My student is exiting to another school – what do I need to do?

    The first step is to have a discussion with year level coordinator. You will then need to complete the required school exit forms, which can be provided by the administration office. You will also need to provide proof/confirmation of enrolment at your new school.