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Laptop Program

Technology to enhance the learning experience.

Mornington Secondary College is a one-to-one laptop school. It is highly recommended that all students use technology as part of the learning process in most classes each day.

As a college we strive to prepare students to work in a dynamic, technology-rich world.

Option one: purchase a new laptop

A new laptop should meet a student’s needs for three years. After that time the device begins to degrade, and it is highly recommended that a replacement computer is purchased for the senior years.

Students can purchase a laptop through preferred suppliers Learning with Technologies, Edunet or JB Education.

Shop EdunetAccess code: MSC2022Shop JB EducationAccess code: MorningtonSC2022Shop LWTNo access code required

Option two: Bring your own laptop

Students can choose to bring their own laptop to school. The IT Department can fix software related issues (viruses, problematic software) with these devices. The IT Department cannot fix any hardware related issues (this includes insurance and warranty claims) as these need to be logged with the retailer or manufacturer.

Important Information

  • Required specifications for laptops

    If students are bringing their own laptop, it must meet the following minimum specifications:

    – Currently supported operating system (Windows 10; Mac Mojave OS 10.14)

    – 128 GB or Larger Solid-State Hard Disk (SSD)

    – 4GB Ram (Minimum required to run office 365)

    Please note: We do not accept iPads/tablets or Chromebooks due to technical/curricular reasons.

  • Insurance

    The College has been running laptops programs in various forms since 2002. In that time we have found that around 70 per cent of students make a least one insurance claim for their device. It is absolutely essential that any device brought to school is covered by insurance. Insurance claims excess is $0 – $100 (depending on the level of cover selected), which covers a three-year term.

  • Warranty

    Like any electronic device, computers can develop faults even when being treated with care. It is essential, where possible, that devices are covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Software

    By default, a new device should have the necessary software to participate in learning at MSC. All required software will be provided by the school unless otherwise stated. Please Note: MSC provides the Microsoft Office Suite for all students. There is no need to purchase a subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which option is best?

    We highly recommend choosing one of the school-preferred suppliers for a number of reasons:

    – Warranty and insurance: The suppliers work in the education market where a three-year warranty is generally the standard. They have specific insurance programs for student laptops. These companies will often repair laptops onsite at school, which simplifies the process for families.

    – Technical assistance: There is a limited number of models, which makes it easier for the technical staff to provide troubleshooting for these laptops.

    – Provision of loan computers: MSC provides several laptops to act as loan laptops while repairs are being completed.

  • What happens if my child’s laptop is damaged?

    Students are required to take care of their device, including using a designated carry case when moving around the College. If the device is purchased through the preferred supplier and is damaged it should be taken to the Technicians Office at school for assessment and repair. A loan computer will be issued. If a “bring an existing device” is damaged, parents will need to organise to have it repaired externally and students can acquire a loan laptop with proof of repair (Receipt/Quote). Where a device is damaged by another student, the College will contact parents of the students involved but will not be responsible for overseeing any financial agreement between the parties.

  • Why are laptops essential for students?

    The world outside of school is a technology-rich environment – and our culture’s reliance on technology in all areas of life (including the workplace) is only increasing. As a school we strive to prepare students to work in that world through using new and emerging technologies that also greatly enhance their learning experience.