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Getting to School

How to travel to school by bus, bike or public transport.

The journey to school can be an enriching part of the school experience. There are various transport options available for students based all across Mornington and surrounds.

Riding to School

The School Bike Shed is a storage area for those students who wish to ride their bikes to school. It is fitted with 24 hour video surveillance, but we recommend students secure their bikes with a bicycle lock. The shed is located at the rear of the administration office, next to the library and is locked at 9am and reopened at 3.10pm.

Catching the School Bus

The School Bus Program assists families in rural and regional Victoria by transporting students to school. All school bus allocations are based on eligibility, residential address and the closest available bus stop.

Bus applications run to the following annual timetable:

• Application period (for the following school year) is open from the end of Term 2 until the end of Term 3.
• Placement allocation communications are sent to successful applicants before the end of Term 4.

Eligibility Guide


Conditions of Travel


School Bus Timetable




Travel Special Case Consideration and Separate Financial Support

Special Transport Consideration – Information


Special Transport Consideration – Application


Financial Support – Information


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my child eligible?

    The general rule is that students living 4.8 km or more from their nearest appropriate school/campus are eligible to travel on a school bus service at no cost. Students not attending their nearest school/campus may access a school bus subject to seating capacity and upon payment of a fare. See more information here.

  • How much is the bus?

    Students wishing to access a seat on a Department of Education school provided bus must complete an application form annually and parents/guardians must agree to the conditions of travelling (available upon confirmation of your seat) and if applicable, the payment of a fare ($120) per term prior to travel.

  • How do I know if there is availability on the bus?

    Bus availability is limited, to find out if your child’s route has availability, please submit an application form and we will respond with written communication detailing the outcome.

    If a spot is not available, please reapply the following year as allocations change annually.

  • What happens when my child is on the waitlist?

    If a spot was not available, your child can be placed on a waitlist for the year. In the rare case that a spot becomes available, you will receive written communication to let you know.

    Please note that the waitlists are valid only for one school year, parents must reapply each year as allocations change.

  • Once my child has a spot on the bus, do I need to reapply?

    Yes, each year our allocations change for buses, so parents need to reapply each school year in order to confirm their child’s place.

Public Transport

Travelling by public transport can also be a suitable option for some students using a ‘Child myki’ pass.